Talent Timeline

November 2020

Earned first paying customers with a killer GTM strategy

Monetised an entire new product line and earned the very first paying customers by corroborating the company around a killer GTM strategy.

October 2020

Unlocked game-chaning product discoveries through metrics

My experience revamping our guardrail product metrics, leading to game-changing product discoveries, solidifying our product-lines future.

July 2019

Landed a job at HousingAnywhere

Joined Europe's biggest mid-term rental marketplace as their product manager for all payments tooling.

May 2019

Launching my lightning fast AMP work portfolio

My journey mapping and developing the world's best digital professional portfolio with AMP HTML. Designed to make HR staff fall in love with me.

April 2019

Getting my PMI-ACP Accreditation

After 6 weeks of full-time study, countless practice tests and a 3-hour exam I officially became an accredited "Agile Certified Practitioner" through The Project Management Institute.

March 2019

My First SPA: XRP Wallet Activation

After almost 2 months of online courses in Javascript, React & Node.js, I finally had the skills I needed to launch my first blockchain web app.

March 2019

#halfcut hits $100k raised

We officially hit $100,000 AUD raised for global rainforest protection after our nation-wide coverage on the Australian TV program The Daily Edition.

May 2018

Launching a Flash-Sales MVP in Less Than 2 Weeks

My boss said we needed to look for new ideas that could become new revenue streams. 2 weeks later our MVP was up making sales.

March 2018

UI Overhaul that slashed customer support tickets by 20%

After a deep analysis of user behavior data and customer feedback, we decided a few things needed changing. Here's how I slashed support tickets while simultaneously increasing engagement.

November 2017

270 More Monthly Conversions Thanks to Guest Checkout

You must give customers what they want, even if you don't agree. Here's how I lowered the bar for customers and boosted conversions for Pozible.

June 2017

Workshops Roadshow w/ Australia's Top Universities

I took one of our most successful marketing channels Australia-wide, fuelling growth with clever social advertising & partnerships with Queensland University of Technology, JMC Academy & University of Canberra.

April 2017

200 Free Leads per Month thanks to Content Marketing

Ditching a PDF and going for a fully hosted keyword rich web experience gave us a passive stream of new leads. Meet our best long-term investment; The Pozible Resource Centre.

November 2016

Pozible's Highest Ever Campaign Success Rate

Single-handedly coaching over 200 campaigners, I broke the record and achieved the highest ever monthly success rate, with 67% of Pozible's campaigns reaching their funding goal (normally it's 57%).

February 2014

Yew.tv - How I Landed $20k Sponsorship for My Film Competition

Successfully landed cash sponsorship from Jägermeister, Garage Entertainment & Boardworld to develop & launch Australia & New Zealand's biggest online film competitions.

June 2013

$12k grant through NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme)

After 3 months of business training & submitting my robust business plan, I was officially approved for a $12,000 AUD government grant to pursue my business Idea.